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About Love, Kayli Nicole

Hi, my name is Kayli Nicole and I am a licensed cosmetologist specializing in hair, skin and lash services. I have loved all things beauty ever since I was a little girl going to the beauty shop every other Saturday morning with my mom, with hair growing well past my shoulders. Everyone always thought I had weave in my head and just knew it was no possible way for my hair to be as long as it was without any extra attachments. I should’ve known then that I would have a career in the beauty industry, especially since the beauty supply was my equivalent to the American Doll store to any other girl my age, but I did not begin my official journey until I started cosmetology school in August 2018. During my time in cosmetology school, I was always told to find a niche, but I didn’t understand why. I thought to myself, “Why spend 18 months and 1500 hours in Cosmetology school and only come out wanting to focus on one or two things?” and from that moment forward I knew I needed to be good in multiple different avenues to do exactly what I wanted to do. My goal is to tend to the person that wants each and everything done and is okay with trusting one person to handle all of their needs. One day you could want a beautiful rainbow vivid color application, but a month from now, want to put your hair in a protective braid style. A person who wants lash extensions, but doesn’t want to leave their appointment without getting their eyebrows done to go along with their fresh set. Here at Love, Kayli Nicole, not only do we do everything with love, but we will always make sure that you walk out of your appointment looking like the true definition of Fancy…”Hair done, wax done, everything did!”